About Ashley

Ashley Aikey is a budding dark fantasy novelist with a contagious passion for her craft. Raised on authors such as Terry Brooks and Anne McCaffery, she inevitably began writing her own stories within the genre. Ashley chose to branch out from the more traditional swords-and-sorcery stories to incorporate elements of the horror genre, as well as explore world folklore in a collection of short stories she is actively working on. She seeks to bring her readers the same love of reading that she discovered through visiting other worlds and meeting their inhabitants. With her own memorable characters and themes that encourage readers to question reality, she carefully creates fantastic worlds to get lost in.

When she isn’t caught up writing or reading, Ashley busily pursues her Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing and helps some of her fellow writers with their own ideas. She relaxes with a few hours dedicated to playing several fantasy RPGs, especially the Dragon Age and Witcher series, and practices her archery skills. Ashley’s never met a fountain pen or fancy notebook she didn’t like, and uses both to keep track of her many ideas and plans for the dark fantasy series she’s working on, as well as her collection of short, folklore-inspired horror stories. She looks forward to sharing her creations with readers the world over.

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